I get excited about new games – what gamer wouldn’t? But it’s often far and wide when I hear of a game that feeds my imagination like Dust 514 does.

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzVjggarRns 400×400]





The very concept of merging the console with the pc community is great!


I first started to imagine what this ‘community’ would be like when I heard of Sony’s MMO called The Agency – Could it be possible for my PC gaming friends to join me on the same server whilst I was on the Console? Or Imagine my partner playing on the console whist I met her online in the PC (or vice versa).

With Dust 514, their interpretation may not be as I had imagined above but the concept does deliver an equally exciting possibility – a console game where its outcome will influence the experience of a Pc gamer.

“Cologne, GERMANY, Game Developers Conference Europe – August 18, 2009CCP today revealed DUST 514™, a console-based hybrid MMO/FPS set within the EVE universe…DUST 514, featuring first-person shooter and RTS-style gameplay, will interact directly with EVE Online” (Eve online press release)

A different level of co-ordination and teamwork could develop from this relationship and it is this simple possibility that leaves me sleepless at night!