liveshowsInterested in seeing a live KISS concert tonight? Ustream, a company that lets people broadcast live interactive video, has embraced the mobile phone even more aggressively: It just launched a mobile viewer feature for Android phones. Called Android Viewer, it enables users to watch any Ustream show on Wifi or 3G.

The Android Viewer provides a chat feature, so that people viewing the show can interact with each other. Ustream also recently launched Broadcaster, a way to let users record and stream video from a mobile device. So taken together, Viewer and Broadcaster allow users to both broadcast and receive on phones. Until the rise of the smartphone, companies like Ustream had mainly focused on the Web — allowing people to stream video and watch it on the Web (via their computers), but not to mobile phones.

Viewer also provides mobile users several types of content, including music, movies, red carpet premieres, breaking news, and shared moments.

The application is available for download now and can be tested tonight at 7:30 pm to watch the live Kiss concert from the Staples Center for free.