smartalarm1Ever wake up, perform your morning routine and walk our the door to find your car buried under four feet of snow? It’s those moments you wished you had woken up 20 minutes earlier to have time  to shovel and get to work on-time. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to automatically wake up earlier if there was bad weather and you needed the extra time?

Massie Design Studio has solved this problem with its latest iPhone application creation dubbed The Smart Alarm. The Smart Alarm monitors the changing weather overnight and alerts you depending on your settings.

For example, if you set your base time wake-up for 7 am and the weather is good, then the alarm will wake you up at that time. However, if there’s bad weather, say rain, then the app will wake you up 20 minutes earlier. If there’s snow, it could wake you up an hour earlier. The idea is to give you additional time to deal with the bad weather and still make it to work on time. If you travel a lot for business, The Smart Alarm tracks your location using the GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular to know where you are and the weather in the area.

The iPhone application currently is approved for sale in iTunes store for $1.99 in the utilities category and is only for U.S. based devices.

Of course, if you live in Silicon Valley, you may not have a bad weather morning story? Maybe Massie Design Studio could think of an elegant way to incorporate traffic data, so you can get up early on days when there’s a big jam.


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