good game 2Facebook and the iPhone are hot when it comes to games. That’s why Good Game Productions, which launched today, said it is building games for those two platforms.

good game 1The San Diego, Calif.-based company was founded by game veteran Grantley Day, who is chief executive of the firm. He says the company will focus on making massively multiplayer online games — the huge online virtual world games typically designed for PC gamers — that will run on both Facebook and the iPhone. The games will use the popular free-to-play model, where players can join for free and pay in small amounts for virtual goods in the games.

Day was previously the vice president of technology at TC Digital Entertainment and he also worked as a game production executive at K2 Network, working on online game titles such as Sword of the New World. He also worked on Dungeons and Dragons Online and Neverwinter Nights 2. The company has two full-time employees and four part-timers. It is self-funded and plans to focus its development team in the U.S.

The company is already working on a number of games in conjunction with established game companies, including Ntreev, True Games and GoCash. The first game is expected to launch in 2010.