“Microsoft has said that it will hand out temporary bans to Live accounts caught using the exploit.”-MTV

Modded controller use? Sure! A perfectly acceptable consequence. But banning for an in-game bug? Now that’s a bit much.



Users are being handed a temporary ban on their Xbox Live accounts for exploiting the “Javelin” glitch, a dandy piece of code that turns the player into a walking Predator missile, and subsequently, is spreading across the web like wildfire to millions of other gamers that are just itching to fulfill their inherent desires to be one of those suicide dudes from Serious Sam. 

This glitch is in-game, meaning it wasn’t tampered with by gamers, or uncovered in some hidden code (ala hot coffee). Infinity Ward is solely responsible for this, and while little bugs of this type are completely understandable in a game, as long as a patch is released, when accounts are being banned for an internal screw up, that’s too far.

PC gamers already want Infinity Ward’s head on their level 68 Dark Elf’s spear for the introduction of IWnet, but by now pissing off the console users, it seems like they’re practically handing out the torches and pitchforks.

We all used the rock glitch in World at War, and we all walked on thin air on Crossfire in CoD 4, but no one was ever banned. A patch was released, and all exploitative gamers sighed an accepting “aw man” at the end of their fun, but kept on fragging and leveling up our M4A1 with Red Tiger and an ACOG. 

Infinity Ward might not be solely to blame for the bannings, it could just be an action taken only by Microsoft. Either way, gamers are ticked. Harmless fun is harmless fun. If you don’t want to your game of Search and Destroy to serve as a haven for suicide bombers, then just play privately for a few days until the patch is out.

Being banned for exploiting an in-game glitch is ten steps past ridiculous, and I have a feeling it will piss off more than a few Xbox fanboys.