Lately I have seen this wide range of free DLC.  Now I am not going to complain about free DLC one bit cause I think it should happen more.  As I do a different take on the DLC subject.



The first part of free DLC that I think companies should do more of is like what Ubisoft is doing with  With gaining points outside of the XBL or PSN on a developer site that you can use towards DLC for me is new.  Take AC2 for example of how it works.  For just playing this game you are all ready earning points towards free DLC.  So for me this would be a winning way for gamers.


Next method of free DLC for the time till EA 2D starts charging for the flash games.  The game Dragon Age Journeys is a flash game they made where you can earn in game Dragon Age: Origins DLC.  So even if your not at home playing DA:O you can still earn in game items playing this flash game on almost any new computer.  Gotta say even though Dragon Age Journeys was a 14 month development.  I like this idea on how to get free DLC for a game you are playing.  


So what do you think about Free DLC and do you know of any other ways it comes?  You know like day one dlc like Forza 3 or Saboteur.