ea sportsElectronic Arts is going into the debit card business. Today, the company’s EA Sports division is launching a prepaid Visa debit card that makes it easier for gamers to buy EA Sports titles. It also allows gamers to collect rewards that they can use toward the purchase of more games.

Prepaid cards are a hot item in games because kids who don’t have credit cards can use them to pay for online game subscription fees or virtual goods inside free-to-play games. The cards thus remove barriers. But this new kind of reward card could lead to better brand loyalty and more purchases.

EA is partnering StorValue Card Solutions in Coconut Creek, Fla. The other companies in the space include PlaySpan, with its Ulitmate Game Card; Open Entertainment Network; GMG Entertainment, and InComm. Ever since Apple launched its iTunes prepaid cards some years back, prepaid cards have multiplied.

The EA sports card will be reloadable and funds can be allocated for it from payroll direct deposit, checking accounts, another prepaid card, or at GreenDot and Western Union locations. The card is good at more than 20 million locations where Visa debut cards are accepted. About 26,000 brick and mortar retailers will be carrying it, as will 700 online retailers. Enrollment can be done online or over the phone via 877-732-7114.