ibmIBM is opening an innovation center in the Philippines to fuel technology growth in another emerging market.

Big Blue is opening the center in Quezon City in metropolitan Manila. Like recently opened centers in Kazakhstan and Vietnam, this one is aimed at helping local businesses and academic communities to build technology skills. IBM hopes to spur innovation in digital infrastructure projects in banking, energy, telecommunications, transportation, retail and government. Such centers are a big deal in emerging countries and they signal that the country is ready for technology investment.

The center is located at the UP-Ayala Techno Hub in Commonwealth, Quezon City in Metro Manila. It will be a magnet for entrepreneurs, business partners, venture capitalists and academics across the nation with access to training workshops, consulting services, a broad technical infrastructure, and hands-on assistance to help bring new technologies to market.

The Filipino government is spending $6.8 billion on an economic recovery program that includes investments in transportation, tourism, power, water and housing. And today, the Philippines has 24 million Internet users, up 75 percent increase from 14 million in 2008. IBM has more than 40 innovation centers worldwide. The company has opened six innovation centers this year in emerging nations.