mohEA’s last attempt to re-launch the Medal of Honor series both killed and saved it at the same time. Anyone could have told them yet another World War 2 game was the wrong way to go. Call of Duty 2 proved to be the high point for that part of gaming history and it’s been all downhill ever since. 

Sure one could argue that COD World at War proves me wrong, but could you also not argue that despite that fact that it was quite a good game, it also ran on COD4’s success?

No matter what future plans Activision might have for the 1940’s, Medal of Honor proved to EA that the series was dead unless it was given time to reinvent its self. Medal of Honor Airborne did in fact have some very interesting ideas. Despite average combat the ability to pick your drop zone at the beginning of a mission and in multiplayer was a cool idea. While it could have been executed on better it showed the series has fresh ideas left in it.     

Since Call of Duty’s rise to power it does feel like Medal of Honor is always playing catch up and entering the modern day setting naturally draws the callings of “it’s a clone”. Maybe so but MW2 made it clear that series is starting to move away from realism in terms of story anyway. It feels more like an action film that tries to wow you ever 30 minutes. At the very least that leaves a gap for Medal of Honor to fill and with  some if not all of it being set in Afghanistan it could surpass Modern Warfare by truly showing Modern Warfare.