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Answering entrepreneurs most vexing questions – Running a start-up means making big decisions every day – and never being certain you’ve made the right one. Angel investor Jason Cohen writes of a new place for entrepreneurs to seek advice – from each other and industry experts.

What happens if the business sale falls apart? – Lots of start-up sales get as far as the escrow phase, but surprisingly few make it out. John Ovram, CEO of Exits and Answers, a social community for entrepreneurs selling their companies, says the best way to ensure a sale does happen is to keep working as if it never will.

Is the traditional office becoming extinct? – In less time than you might imagine, the morning commute could be little more than a memory. RingCentral, a cloud computing based business phone system provider, surveyed 350 small- and medium-sized businesses about their office structure and found a growing shift away from the traditional on-site centralized work force.

The start-up chronicles: Newton was right. Inertia matters. – Convincing customers to change their habits is, at best, an uphill battle. When serial entrepreneur Bruce Judson saw lots of traffic that wasn’t translating to sales at his new start-up, he diagnosed this inertia as the problem. Learn how he’s trying to fix it.

Want to be a CEO? Try product management first – Mark Pincus held a few jobs before becoming CEO of Facebook game maker Zynga. The one that he draws from the most, though, was his stint as a product manager – where he learned the importance of roadmapping, prioritization and customer understanding.