How would you define art exactly? For me art is something timeless, and it does not have to only be visual. Art can be a piece of music, a painting and even a poem. Art is something that almost anyone can look back at and appreciate for whatever purpose it was created. Can someone who listens to only modern day music listen to Beethoven for the first time and fall in love with his music? Maybe so. Would someone who has never seen a film older than 1990 watch Citizen Kane or Casablanca and love the film? It’s very possible. But would someone who has been playing video games since the release of The Super Nintendo or Playstation put down their copy of Modern Warfare 2 and pick up a game of Pong and still be amazed? How about a copy of the original Super Mario Bros on Nintendo or Donkey Kong? After playing New Super Mario Bros Wii would they still be compelled to play the Original Super Mario Bros? Does our continuous advancement in technology hinder the ability for video games to be recognized as art by non-gamers?

Then again Art is only objective, right? What do you guys think?