Should I fear him?

Upon be assigned an argumentative paper for my base line university writing class, I looked to the thing that I know best, video games. With some more brainstorming and research I settled on the topic of violence in video games, and the possibility of it causing real life violence.

My first personal gaming endeavor was playing Wolfenstein 3D on the family PC, an obviously violent game. Throughout my growth into adulthood I have engrossed myself with violent entertainment. Yet I have turned out notoriously anti-conflictual with people who know me. Maybe it was due to my close contact with traveling Buddhist monks during my pre-teen years. Maybe it is more simply my small stature, and possibility of getting destroyed in a physical conflict. Whatever the reasoning is I am a perfect example of entertainment’s inability to cause violent tendencies in ones life.

Within my researching I discovered  Jack Thompson. Thompson parades across the country praising the evils of violent video games. Thompson calls games such as Counter Strike a testing ground for school shootings, constantly neglecting childhood bullying playing any, if not the largest part in these violent outbursts. It absolutely stuns me that Thompson and his advocates can neglect, at the very least to look at the fact that hundreds of thousands of people, of all ages play violent video games, yet there are few accounts of travesties acted out by fellow gamers. Would it not seem that if violent video games were a direct causation of real life violence, there would be more accounts of such violence?

Now I turn to you fellow gamers and writers to discuss this topic. Do you think that video game violence can cause violent outbursts in people, or is it caused by neglected underlying emotional imbalances. Considering the newly notorious airport scene in Modern Warfare 2, is anyone ready to close down all airports in anticipation for a similar real life attack? I would love to hear your comments and criticisms, as long as everyone stays nice.