collapseReal Networks is launching the latest version of one of its flagship games, Collapse!, for a host of devices today. The game, from Real Networks’ GameHouse division, is now available on the PC, Mac, Facebook, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and a variety of other mobile platforms.

As such, the game represents the latest example of the company’s cross-platform approach to casual games, which are aimed at broader groups of gamers who play for short sessions. Matt Turetzky, vice president of content for the RealGames division of RealNetworks, said that the game is a milestone for the company since it extends the Collapse! brand into the red-hot social game space. The game is a color-matching puzzle title.

Seattle-based Real Networks recently announced its Emerge platform, which allows developers to create a game with a single code base that can be used across a bunch of mobile platforms. The company used that platform to launch the new mobile games. With Collapse!, each platform has a different version of the game. For the PC and Mac versions, (built by separate teams) players can customize their avatars and play through 180 levels and mini games.

On mobile phones, the game has more than 65 levels. If the player progresses far enough, they can earn codes for use in the Facebook and PC/Mac versions. On Facebook, the players will be able to compete in weekly tournaments with their friends. It will be interesting to see if the game takes off. Real Networks has the right strategy of trying to develop games for a lot of platforms without incurring huge production costs. But it still has to prove that it can make the shift from the older era of traditional casual mobile and web site games to the new era of social games.