On the coat tails of one of Sony’s most beloved franchises. This made me start to think why should God of War be the only game remastered. Some game from the PS1 and PS2 ERA should of had trophies with the torment they put us through.



If anyone remembers the library that the PS1 or the PS2 knows there is a lot of games to choose from.  With the amount of games one could choose from I think is absurd.  So here is where you get to be a Developer fanboy and wish.


The question is a simple one today. What Series would you like to see remastered for the PS3 out side of God of War which is done. Also you can’t choose any game in the Final Fantasy series. However I am not limiting this just to Sony as you can choose any series ever made. All I ask if the game is un heard of please provide a link to the game series.


Because I am starting the topic I have two different series I think should be remastered. The first is the Ape Escape series in which was a great distraction. Catching monkeys with a net while trying to solve various puzzles was awesome.  My second game series is Shadow Hearts 1-3 and it is from the PS2 ERA. This RPG turn & Time based game was one of the best games I ever played.  


Now that I have answered the question it is up to you to answer if you would like.