Editor’s note: Toby’s getting into the holiday spirit by generously offering a download code for the PSN version of Peggle. Will you be the winner? That depends on whether you’ve been naughty or nice this
year… -Brett


Bummed out that Grandma gave you another 10-pack of tighty-whities for Christmas? Cursing the heavens because Uncle Pete thought you’d enjoy Petz: Dolphinz Encounter more than Modern Warfare 2? Santa Toby is here to help.

I recently won a download code for Peggle on PSN, but since I already own it on XBLA — and because I’m currently hooked on Torchlight (thanks, Jason Wilson and Brian Shirk) — I’m giving it away to the Bitmob community.

To enter the contest, just leave a comment below telling us the last game you got hooked on. Make sure you used your real name when you registered with Bitmob — otherwise you’ll be disqualified. I’ll pick the winner on Monday, December 28.


Good luck!