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3 key legal tips for securing angel financing – Securing angel investing can be a confusing process for the start-up owner. Scott Edward Walker, the founder and CEO of Walker Corporate Law Group, gives three legal tips to help you ensured you’re not taken advantage of.

Can a single bottle of soda decimate your company? Absolutely. – Sometimes financial decisions that are seemingly rational on their face can be disastrous – and lead to major problems for a start-up. Serial entrepreneur Steve Blank describes an effect he has witnessed several times when a seemingly small perk is removed.

Three ways to avoid dog whistle marketing – It’s hard to make an impression as a start-up –but the reason no one’s hearing you might be avoidable. Jim Nichols, senior partner at Catalyst:SF, gives a few ways to make your message stand out.

The start-up chronicles: Experiments with Twitter – Serial entrepreneur has never been a big fan of Twitter.  So as he rolls out his latest venture, he hasn’t been real optimistic about its traffic-generating prospects. But a little trial and error has shown him there might be promise after all. Here, he runs down what he did to gain followers – and how the results have been.

Your most important support staff – Good employees are important, but if your family isn’t behind you in a start-up, it’s going to be a much harder road. Frank Levinson, founder of Finisar tells of a particular Christmas that his family postponed opening gifts to help with some critical company functions.