Many People will think this topic is not important. However the questions that may come about are worth your time. I am not one to speak bad about Down load Content, but this is just something that I think needs to be shared.



Since July 3rd of 2006 I was a gold member for Xbox Live. Recently I switched over to the PS3 to play my games due to the free on-line play which saves me from paying a subscription. How ever what I did was add up how much I spent on DLC and Arcade games that are not being played any more. Then again I think many of us have bought things we don’t use any more.


I have purchased 16800 Microsoft worth of Arcade games. Now I didn’t add the ones that MS gave for free either. So after doing some math like: 4000 MS Points cost $50 US Dollars. Which would make the 16800 equal to $210 dollars. Really I can see some of my purchases like Castle Crashers was great, but there was a bunch of them like Time Pilot that were bought on a whim.


Over the years I have only racked up 5670 MS points worth of DLC. With game series like Call of Duty, Castle Crashers and The MAW which to me has a good content that adds to a game. So having spent over $70 dollars on just DLC I am fine with this part to a point. Now I may be different in my thinking, but some DLC is being over priced and it is not just the Sacred 2 imp I bought for 240 MS points.


I know PS3 and Wii are doing this as well with there stores. However this is the only data I had to go with. So for $280 dollars I own countless Arcade games and multiple DLC items that I wont be using due to not owning the game or nor playing the system. 


So I have a few questions for you if you are ready to discuss this topic with me. What do you think of over priced DLC? Also do you think PSN/XBLA/WiiWare games are being priced to high? After you pay for DLC how often do you go back to really use it in the game?