hulu-ceo-jason-kilarHulu chief executive Jason Kilar, who heads the online TV megahub that offers commercial-sponsored shows and excerpts from NBC, Fox, ABC and a couple hundred cable channels, blogged a thank-you note to viewers today.

This being the television industry, Kilar’s thank-you doubles as a self-promotional roundup of statistics and other success metrics for the nearly three-year-old Hulu.

High points of the post: Hulu now has 43 million monthly users, according to comScore. That’s double last year’s number. They watched 924 million streams in the most recently measured 30-day period. That’s triple last year’s count, meaning the average Hulu user watches more clips now than they did in 2008. The site’s TV archive now totals more than 14,000 hours, although episodes of most shows are rotated in and out rather than hosted permanently.

Disney/ABC was the big new addition to Hulu in 2009. There are more than 200 other content providers.

How many websites have embedded Hulu’s YouTube-like players? 207,000 sites, with a total of 6.4 million embedded clips.

hulumotherloverAh, but what are people watching? The most popular shows were the youth-culturey Saturday Night Live, Family Guy, The Office, The Simpsons, and manga cartoon Naruto Shippuden.  The most watched TV episode was a Family Guy installment, “Stew Roids.”

But the Most Watched Clip of 2009 award goes to Saturday Night Live’s “Motherlover,” a satirical music video sequel to the 2006 YouTube hit “Dick in a Box” by SNL comic Andy Samberg and rap superstar Justin Timberlake. MTV has the lyrics: “This is the second-best idea that we’ve ever had.”

[Photos: Hulu, NBC]