We’re on vacation this week, but we still wanted to get something out there to help fill up all that extra hard drive space you’ve got lying around. Yeah, this week’s show is really short, but we hope the quality makes up for the quantity! If you’ve been following us since the beginning (meaning even before CO-OP showed up on Revision3), you might be familiar with “Area 5 Snacks.” They’re digital shorts that we put together in the early days before we found out we needed to make money to stay in business. We’ve collected all four of them here. We would disavow these if we could, but we’ve all got our legacies to live up to (or down, as the case may be).

These are fun for us — quick to put together, and they give us a chance to flex our filmmaking muscles. We’re hoping we can get back into doing more of these in the future, but we’re going to have to find a way to expand our asset base, first. Whoa, look at that! I can talk like a business guy! Anyway, let us know what you think. Would you like to see more of this kind of thing or should we stick to game reviews/previews? Watch the show after the break!




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