Many of you noticed some of my discussions revolve around something that made me question something else. With today’s topic you can guess half of the topic. Now if your ready to discuss then continue with the article.



Last night I added a twenty dollar PSN card. Wanting to use half for Borderlands DLC that comes out later this week. So for my other ten dollars I wanted to see what RPG’s are on the PSN. 


So clicking on the genre tap for RPG’s I only seen PS One games and then the two Penny Arcade Episodes. Penny Arcade will get it’s own topic at another time trust me. Then I went on to see all the other genre’s and the amount of games that they have. Just amazes me on how all other genre’s have so many games underneath them.


My question to every one why do you think there is a lack of PSN RPG’s? Do we really only need old PS one titles to keep flooding the market? How ever would you not want to have a new RPG IP that can be found as a PSN Game?