nexus flashAdd another reason to the list of why iPhone users in particular may want to switch to the Nexus One, the new Android phone built by HTC and sold directly by Google: Like other Android phones, and unlike the iPhone, Nexus One owners will eventually be able to view Flash content in their phone’s browser.

Flash is Adobe’s platform for web video and other media — Adobe says Flash powers 75 percent of web video and 70 percent of online games. Last fall, Adobe announced that Flash would be coming to pretty much every smartphone except the iPhone. While Flash developers will be able to export their content as an iPhone app, most of the web’s Flash content won’t show up on the iPhone.

And now Adobe’s Adrian Ludwig has posted a video demo of Flash in the Nexus One’s web browser. It’s always risky to judge without playing with this stuff in-person, but I was impressed with how fast it all worked, even when playing a browser-based action game. This should put a lot of concerns about whether this content will play too slowly on smartphones to rest.

To be clear, Flash isn’t available yet on the Nexus One. Adobe has said it plans to release Flash for Android early this year, and in the video Ludwig adds:

We’ve got a lot more work to do to get this ready. But if you go out there right now, you can buy a Nexus One, begin using it, and as Flash Player becomes available we’re going to push it to you over the web.