dolbyWho says that companies can’t do something for the good of society? Dolby Laboratories is partnering with Motorola to bring an end to a scourge of TV viewing: the loud sound volume of commercials.

A lot of folks are annoyed that commercials crank up the volume on the TV, creating a jarring feeling for viewers when the TV transitions from a softer show to an obnoxious commercial. Motorola will use Dolby Volume technology in its cable set-top boxes for the North American and Latin American markets.

The Intelligent Loudness Control will be part of Motorola’s DCX set-top box family, so the sound will be consistent as the TV switches from shows to commercials and visa versa. This is a pain point that touches everybody, says Craig Eggers, a marketing director at Dolby, in an interview. This technology can’t make it into the entire TV industry soon enough.