Editor’s note: Oh, so this is why I died so many times in Bitmob’s Modern Warfare 2 Game Night. Good to know! -Demian

A new Modern Warfare 2 console multiplayer glitch apparently allows gamers to mod their weapons to fire chopper gunner bullets. You know, the ones that explode.


The hoopla surrounding this new game-breaker arose after this YouTube video (embedded after the jump) went up two days ago. The video shows a player exploiting the mod/glitch in an actual public match, mowing down opponents — and himself, mostly — with ease.

Normally, a stint as a chopper gunner is an 11-killstreak reward: The player assumes the gunner’s post and unleashes a withering barrage on enemies below.

So far, this exploit hasn’t caused anywhere near the outcry that the infamous Javelin glitch did, but players running around with Michael Bay bullets loaded in their dinky little MP5Ks is a bit of a problem. YouTube commenter ‘cheezc’ claims, “Chopper Gunner got fixed about two hours ago, so all the MLG fags can calm down…” but I don’t think he qualifies as a reliable source.


[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDqfLRG7yG4 425×344]