panasonicPanasonic opened its press event with a video conference of its chairman Fumio Ohtsubo talking from Osaka, Japan, with a crystal clear high-definition image on a big screen. That high-end video conferencing system will be on the market in April. But the real push at the Japanese company is — as you’ve heard many times before — 3-D TV.

Just like Samsung, Panasonic is launching a whole ecosystem of products around 3-D. The company is launching everything needed to push the technology, which has become a hot ticket thanks to the success of James Cameron’s 3-D film Avatar, currently in movie theaters. These Panasonic products, from TVs to glasses to cameras, will help stoke the use of 3-D.

Panasonic said that content for 3-D is coming. DirecTV said that it will launch three 3-D channels over its satellite TV service by the end of June, 2010. Panasonic made an early effort to launch 3-D TVs and said last year that it would debut a line-up of such TVs for 2010. Now it’s following through on that with a bunch of new models.