With the 2010 year starting off with love for one gamer I want to ask the world or Mobfeed to pick between reality or my imagination.

2010 will have normal to boring video game releases and in return we will  have no more bad media claiming “Video Games” are the Devil or “They Made Me Do It”


2010 will have the best year of released video game releases and with every story of person who played video games will grow more media attention and cause new eyes or laws against video games.

Please don’t take this as a post that I condemn violence.  In fact I hope we can have booth but with all the bad media last year into the gaming industry are we ready for a good year or a bad year.  

I am new to this site and my blogs will be about “Indie Games” and asking silly or real life questions like this to make you the gamer open to new topics.


Thanks for the read