Apparently, Jesus didn’t stop performing miracles after he ascended to heaven. Since walking on water and the resurrection, Jesus has been busying himself by collecting power-ups, stomping Goombas, and saving the Mushroom Kingdom. The holy text has a new chapter of the holy text, and it’s called “Super Mario Jesus.”

                       [video: 400×400]

YouTube user TotemX is known for his animation projects, which use complete Post-It pads. This week he decided to tell the story of Mario. But instead of a fan’s homage to the legendary series, we’re treated to a creative retelling of fictional events. Complete with bisected Bowser’s and moral lessons, “Super Mario Jesus” is a true tribute to Miyamoto’s creation.

If you’re curious, head over to his channel to enjoy more of TotemX’s animation projects [via The San Francisco Examiner].