Listen up!

It’s not uncommon for couples to bicker and judge one another. The criticism isn’t out of spite, rather it’s an indication of the care and love in the relationship. While your girlfriend may complain about mundanities such as your flatulence, Joe Atienza and Allistair Everett have some trenchant words for EGM and Bitmob. Dan Hsu and Demian Linn, listen up — these two Bitmobbers are about to school you! 

With the harsh lecturing out of the way, Patrick Bonk looks to the future with an article on roleplaying, and how it may come to define 2010. Meanwhile, Arlen Pringle explains why Modern Warfare 2 may seem more frustrating than Mega Man 2, as he tackles nerd rage, rage quitting, and other rage-related issues. 

Lastly, we’ve chosen to celebrate a particularly creative writer in the community, Omri Petitte, whose insightful pieces are sometimes overlooked in the fast-moving mobfeed.

What I Don’t Want to See in the New EGM
By Joe Atienza 
Joe learned some valuable lessons about print journalism after EGM went under, and he hopes Steve Harris, the magazine’s founder and current owner, did as well. But just in case, Joe explains how and why the magazine has to change. During his tenure as editor-in-chief, Dan Hsu axed the cheat code section of the magazine, but Joe believes more progressive measures are necessary in order to keep EGM relevant.


Top 5 Ways to Improve
By Allistair Everett
In keeping with the pedagogic mood, Allistair throws more lessons in the direction of Demian Linn and company.
According to Allistair, everything from the site’s header bar to the main feed needs revision. As long as we don’t have to get rid of those sexy American Apparel advertisements, I’m fine.

D202010, The Year We Play RPGs
By Patrick Bonk 
With Mass Effect 2 and a Dragon Age: Origins expansion on the horizon, 2010 looks to be a promising year for role-playing games. But will games like Fallout: New Vegas be enough to convert the Xbox Live drones from their first-person shooters? Something tells me that your average frat boy has no interest in d10s or d20s. Regardless, I’m sure Patrick would like to hear your opinions — leave a comment!

Modern Game Rage
By Arlen Pringle
Before you throw your Nintendo DS at the wall in anger, try reading Arlen’s article on game rage. From controller schemes to map design, he explores what frustrates us and why.


As an intern for Bitmob, it’s my job to write short articles on news surrounding gaming culture. However, despite my best efforts, Omri Pettite threatens to run me out of a job with his witty and succinct articles on the day’s developments. Although fellow intern, Jasmine Rea, highlighted Omri’s feed in a previous Spotlight, I’d like to reiterate: Head over to Omri’s Bitmob feed for your fix on obscure and intriguing news stories. Be sure to visit often — he deserves your views and comments!