Right now I need patience as I tried something new right before Christmas with trading video games. Some of you may have checked out the next post as you don’t want to read about someone else trading games. Now I am not here to sell anyone to trade games like I did. I just want people to know how the system worked.



Normally I use SwitchGames to make even trades for games. However I just wanted to get rid of five games to trade. The reason I wanted to trade this time around is I lost my 25 dollar gift card for Gamestop. So taking some time to call around for trade in values I finally decided to try the Amazon trade in system.


After I selected the games to trade in I went to the site and added them to my trade in list. Once I finished the normal steps it told me to. They gave me a label to bring with me to UPS and ship my stuff for free. MMmm I like that free sound of things.  Any way I dropped it off at UPS when they were open.


One thing about doing stuff during holiday time is getting a moment to go and hoping that the place is open. Good thing at Amazon gives about 7 days to send the games off to them. I really do hate waiting, but then again I am not losing anything. With having so much time on my hands I reviewed the games I sent in many times.  (Games I sent in: MUA2 PS3 , Burnout Paradise PS3, Civilization Revolution PS3, Sonic Unleashed PS3 and Rythem Heaven DS) 


Well because I was patient today I got work that my stuff was accepted for credit and was given it. So I used it to buy Darksiders PS3 and Transporter on Blu-Ray for 64 dollars and some change. Now I still have 1 dollar credit from this transaction to use some where else. With free shipping I wont get these items till about some time after January 19th.


As I see the down side of waiting comes to about a month due to all the holidays. Then again more waiting for putting the game and movie together. How ever with free shipping, no tax and it is what I want for me there is not to much to complain about. Many times I thought about if I went to Gamestop I could have had this in hand by now. How ever even with all the gamestop deals none of them could add up to more money that what Amazon did for the game I wanted. 


So when trading in your games I implore you to make sure you are getting the most for your money. Don’t let pre-order bonuses be your down fall either.