I found Bitmob by accident through Facebook and I find it to be a lot more professional and mature than most of the gaming community sites you can find nowadays. So here I am. Here are some pictures of me and my family and afterwards, a brief intro.

Me and my fiance (Sadie) us againMy son

My name is Ian, and I like games of all sorts, but I prefer old school 2D fighting. I’m primarily an X-Box fan boy, but I plan on purchasing a PS3 when God Of War 3 comes out, and a Wii when more than 6 games that I want come out. (Also raising the res from 480p would be helpful.) I’m an avid collector of classic games and I’ll do a blog entry about that in the near future.


I live in the middle of the woods in Southern Indiana, so I can’t play online, however I do download Arcade games at a friend of mines house. I’ve got a fiance and a 7 year old son who are the greatest people in the world. I’m attending Purdue College of Technology, and I enjoy cigarettes and Tequila. Did I forget anything?

Oh yes. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike is the greatest game ever made.