MatesA 16-year-old  became understandably upset when his parents prohibited him from seeing his girlfriend. But this wasn’t your average case of guardian-enforced chastity — in fact, his parents had ample cause to deny their son his carnal desires. 

He was “dating” Laurie Price — a 42-year-old mother of four from Texas — through World of Warcraft for the better part of a year. Price believed the teenager to be 20 years of age, and the two arranged a clandestine rendezvous at a motel near the 11th-grader’s Barrie, Ontario home.

While his parents were aware of the relationship, they refused to allow their teenage son to see Price. Without an extra party member to summon him and with his hearthstone on cooldown, he ran away from home to meet up with his lover.

After his parents issued a public appeal for his safe return, the disproportionally aged couple were spotted at a local electronics store together. Because the age of consent in Ontario is 16, Price didn’t face any charges; however, upon returning to her native Texas, she was arrested and charged with soliciting a minor.

[ via The Globe and Mail]