plastic logicPlastic Logic finally launched its Que eBook reader for business people today at the Consumer Electronics Show — after a ten-year development cycle. The company spent a long time pioneering plastic transistors, electronics that use plastic instead of silicon chips as their base substrate.

The company launched its business at DEMO in the fall of 2008, but it ran into some delays soon after. Now the company appears to have a polished plan, helped by having powerful allies in AT&T, which provides wireless networking for book downloads, and Barnes & Noble, which has more than a million ebooks available for download from its store.

We caught up with Plastic Logic CEO Richard Archuleta today at the company’s booth at CES. He says that two different versions of the Que will ship in April. The $649 model will include 4 gigabytes of memory but won’t have 3G wireless. The $799 version will have 8 gigabytes of memory and will have 3G wireless. Here’s our video.

Plastic Logic shows off Que eBook reader from Dean Takahashi on Vimeo.

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