Vega2T-Mobile is making a real splash in the new year with its Android devices. First, there was Google’s announcement that consumers can buy its new Nexus One with a 2-year plan from T-Mobile. Now, the carrier has announced that it will bring the Vega, the first in-home Android-run tablet, specializing in home scheduling and other basic functions, to the U.K market later this year.

We covered the first appearance of the Vega back in November, and T-Mobile even hinted that it was looking to sell an Android tablet as far back as August.

Developed by Seattle-based Innovative Converged Devices (ICD), a mobile computing engineering firm, the Vega includes features that make it a solid in-home device, suited for the average family kitchen, including a 15-inch touchscreen, NVIDIA Tegra 250 mobile web processor, full HD 1080p video playback, 3G, Wi-Fi and a T-Mobile SIM card.

Much like a cell phone, the Vega gives users the ability to surf the internet, send texts and keep track of each other’s lives through a universal calendar. The device can also be accessed from anywhere, including via the web on a mobile handset, work computer, or home PC.

The calendar is probably the most impressive part of the Vega. Family members can each upload their personal schedules and the device will work to integrate them and send SMS text messages as reminders — a useful feature when you keep forgetting to pick up your kid from soccer practice.

The Vega will only be sold in the U.K. to start, and will  be coupled with T-Mobile’s family package. The company has not yet disclosed any pricing information, but notes that its goal will be to target the mass market.