The economy; the money driving force that at the moment is not doing as fantastic as it once was. People are supposedly starting to look to multiple places to see where they can get the same thing for less to get the impression that their money is well spent. What does that mean for game companies???

…. Absolutely nothing, because they would offer preorder bonuses for highly anticipated games anyway!!! However, with the way things currently are, they need to step up and actually make an effort with whatever they decide to include for an extra five dollars, plus whatever else they charge if they decide to exaggerate a la Modern Warfare 2.

Interestingly enough, I was at EB Games two days ago, and they had the special/limited edition Modern Warfare 2 Box that included the night vision goggles; many thought that this would inspire people to go completely nuts and order the game, but it would appear to me that nobody thought it was worth it, and I have to agree. What reason would I personally have for night vision goggles?! I don’t care to display them; that’s a waste of money, money I don’t get very much of. I want to be able to apply that to the game or to life somehow. Where’s the practicality?

When all the stores owned by GameStop started taking preorders for Little Big Planet, we were offered A KRATOS COSTUME FOR SACKBOY!!! HOORAY!!! That’s all you have to offer for five dollars?! What do I have to gain from that?

Finally, there’s the special edition of BioShock 2; if I had a 360 or PS3, I would totally purchase it because it’s BioShock(and people ultimately preorder because it’s THAT GAME, whatever game it may be, but anyway).

However, there is one thing that bothers me about the special edition; it comes with the soundtrack on a vinyl LP…. Strangely enough, they also included the soundtrack AGAIN, this time on 2 Cds!!! *enter sarcasm* W00T!!! So part of the $100 I have to pay will be for the SAME FREAKIN’ SOUNDTRACK!!! At least the slip case thing the vinyl LP comes in looks pretty!!! By the way *mock excitement*, all you people who preorder BioShock 2 will get two extra characters for the multiplayer!!! YAAAAY!!!!!

I’m not against special editions and preorder bonuses(who in their right mind is), but if you’re going to make/include one,  please include something that makes sense, that contributes something to the game or to life in general. I DO like the case that the LP comes in, but since I don’ t have the necessary equipment to play it, all it will probably do is make my wall look awesome(according to me) by hanging there. Offer something that will make the game better and refrain from repaeting yourself by offering the same thing twice(BioShock 2 soundtrack).

You can’t please everyone. But at least ask your target audience what they would like as a bonus or for a special edition; that way we would feel that preordering a game or a special edition is justifiable.