picBeing able to monitor and measure social and digital media in real time is a vital component for brands looking to interact and be apart of the online conversations taking place everyday.

Today, social and digital media tracking platform Trendrr and social influencer measurement platform Klout agreed to share social data. The deal, first announced at the PluggedIn conference, will integrate Klout’s influencer data into Trendrr’s intelligence platform. Klout’s data tracks Twitter users and their content, how people interact with that content and the size and composition of their networks.

Created by Wiredset, Trendrr now tracks volume, sentiment, location, demographic and influencers for chosen “trends” within its platform. The company notes agencies, networks, brands and motion picture companies as customers looking at social media’s impact on sales, savings and brand equity.

A company representative notes that executives at Trendrr and Klout have not disclosed the exact terms of the deal, but it appears that Klout will be driving Trendrr’s  influence engine, and the two will explore the ways Klout can leverage the data Trendrr structures (from over 50 sites on the social web).

Below is an example of a trend on Trendrr tracking “Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Iraq (News Stories from Google).”