Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2


With the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year Activision won’t have to worry about sales but they will not want to disappoint with this. The 6th instalment in the Call of Duty series has a good pedigree behind it and this is carried through to this thoroughbred bitch of a game!



There are three modes to this game Special Op’s, Campaign, Online. But before you do any of them you have to complete “Basic Training” where you take the guise of a US Soldier in Afghanistan helping to train Afghani troops with weapon control. This might seem annoying to some gamers who want to get on straight away and start killing Nube’s online, but it takes less than ten minutes.


So to the Campaign, when you start the game it warn you about a level that has caused some controversy (I wont spoil it here by telling you what happens) and asks you weather you want to skip it or not, the only reason I can think you would want to do this would be if you have a weak disposition or if you have young children and if you are letting your young children play this then shame on you, you are a very VERY bad person!


The game picks up where the last Modern Warfare left off, except this time “Soap” McTavish is your squad leader. Once again you play as a squadie in two forces one as a US Navy seal and one, sadly not as a member as the SAS but as member of an elite task force called Taskforce 141. I played this on the PS3 and graphically this game is much improved over its predecessor, game play is as slick as ever and if you play on the “hardened” setting there are plenty of times that it will get your heart pounding and your hands sweaty. It is a relentless fast paced game that once again traverses many continents, settings and cultures and sees you gunning many a foe, there are a few nice touches that are new to it such as when you breach a room you get a few seconds of slow mo to accurately pinpoint and take down and enemy scum that may be lurking.


My one gripe with the campaign is that it is over MUCH too quickly and can be completed if you are dedicated (or sad) enough with in a few days.


The Spec Ops mode sets you challenges that can be played online with a friend or on your own, these are set with in a time limit and you have to do various tasks, depending on how well you do and what difficulty you have it set on you will be awarded “Stars”, these are similar but not as much fun as the Nazi Zombie missions from World At War

 Except there are NO zombies or Nazi’s and you can only play with one buddy. Never the less these are good little time fillers if you want a quick go but don’t wan t to dedicate your self to a full on death match before you go to your girlfriends.


Finally on to the main reason most people will be buying this game, ONLINE mode.

Anyone who has owned one of the last two incarnations of Call of Duty will tell you how good the online modes were and Modern Warfare 2 is no exception, it takes the best of both games. The modern weaponry of modern Warfare and the map sizes of word at war, which means you have a lot of space to play in and some awesome firepower. Initially there were issues with joining parties and thankfully after a couple of updates these are now fixed.




The maps you get are all varied and offer many sneaky hidey places and some good sniping points, the levels vary from Airport terminals, urban streets, trench warfare and snowy facilities. As you progress up the ranks you will unlock a vast array of weaponry, customable kill streaks, camouflage and perks. There are so many weapons and challenges for each weapon that is it possible to get to prestige completing challenges on just two of the main weapons but make no mistake; this is not an easy feat! Saying that there already seems to be an absurd number of level 5 prestige players online.


The only bag I have about the online mode is the fact that some games can be quite Laggy, Activision have combated this by having a system that when games would normally fail due to a bad host, the packets are transferred to a new host and the game will continue after a few seconds, this works well for the most part but can some times fail.


This game is one of the most playable, addictive and long lasting games I have come across in a while. If you love FPS’s then get this, if you love call of duty then get this, if you have a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox…Get this!