mplayitMplayit is known for its mobile app catalog that lives inside Facebook. There, you can shop for apps for your phone using a full-sized display instead of the one on your handset. Many of the popular titles like Sims 3 and ShopSavvy have playable previews. The arcade tracks the hottest apps and offers recommended titles.

mplayithappeningThe 9-person company already has deals in America with Sprint and AT&T, but most recently Mplayit has been chasing partnerships outside America. In November, the company announced a deal with Telefonica O2 in Europe. This week, it added two more deals with Australia’s Telstra and Canada’s Rogers, the largest carriers in both countries.

Mplayit is available to anyone regardless of carrier, but the new deals will put the company on-deck with phone-specific arcades for iPhones, BlackBerries, Androids and for less powerful phones, too.

There’s some important math you need to know about non-U.S. deals: They pay more. At a panel discussion last week hosted by Hi-Media, representatives from several startups complained about the hard deal terms U.S. wireless carriers are able to demand. It’s typical for the carrier to keep half of any revenue from, say, app sales, and to delay those payments for weeks and weeks. “If you don’t get paid for nine months, it can really put a dent in your cash flow,” one bitterly joked. Heads around the room nodded cynically.

Outside the U.S., one CEO told me, carriers are more likely to pass 60, 70 or even 80 percent back to app stores to split with developers. So while I don’t know the terms of Mplayit’s new deals, it’s likely that download for download, Mplayit is making more money than it would from Verizon.

Founded in 2006, Mplayit is funded by New Atlantic Ventures and undisclosed angels.