motoroi2Those lucky South Koreans get everything first. Motorola’s newest Android phone, the Motoroi, will go on sale from SK Telecom early in February. Specs-wise, it’s like an updated Droid with one heck of a camera.

The phone’s leading feature is an 8 megapixel camera with a Xenon flash. It can record video in 720p HD format, which Moto claims is the first time any Korean phone has been able to do it. South Korea’s broadband networks make America’s seem like a bunch of old dialups. They’re capable of shuffling around high-definition movies.

The Motoroi will be the third Android phone to go on sale in Asia, and the first Android phone in Korea. The other two models are the Droid-like MT710 Zhling, and the high-end, business-focused XT800 Zhishang with its dual stand-by mode that lets roving users choose between networks.

A Google spokeswoman deferred questions about the Android 2.0 software in the phone to Motorola, who haven’t responded to me yet.