sanlop eneloopWe’ve written about how companies are using technology to upgrade the old-fashioned bicycle — now you can see what it’s like to actually ride one of those bikes.

Sanyo‘s Eneloop (short for energy loop) includes a battery-powered motor. Riders still pedal like they would on an normal bicycle, but they get a boost from the engine, adding to the ease and speed. I interviewed Sanyo’s Aaron Fowles at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show about the bike, and you can see the interview in the video below. Fowles takes the bike for a spin about 3:30 into the footage.

After shooting the video, I rode the Eneloop myself, and it really did feel like a smoother, easier riding experience. The bike is available at retailers now, and costs $2,299.

Sanyo Hybrid Bike from Dean Takahashi on Vimeo.