Scale is an application released today for Blackberry smartphones that takes the temperature of your relationships based on how often you interact with various contacts. A color-coded dashboard provides an automated “heat map” of your professional and personal networks, helping you to identify relationships that need attention.

The application comes from a bootstrapped New Jersey-based startup called Socialibrium.

In addition to monitoring the intensity of your relationships, Scale also consolidates your communications history with a particular person into a single view. The application automatically imports your calls, emails, text messages and calendar entries and works with any email client, calendar and address book. All application data is stored on the phone itself, which imposes some limitations on the number of contacts that can be managed but, according to the makers, a Blackberry running Scale should handle up to 2000 contacts.

Scale on the BoldFounder Ray Bernaz says that Scale is interesting to two main groups; professional services providers like financial advisors or lawyers, and salespeople. The first group doesn’t tend to use customer relationship management (CRM) systems, while salespeople often use either ad-hoc tools like Excel spreadsheets and to-do lists or manual CRM tools. Scale tries to fill a gap between CRM and the ad-hoc tools by automating the tracking process. Bernaz sees the new SaaS CRM providers like SalesForce as the company’s main competition.

Scale costs $15 per month or $150 per year (there is a 7 day free trial) and is available from Blackberry’s App World. In an age when more workers than ever are freelance and a career is often built on your network, Scale seems like an application that could be useful to more than just salespeople.