voxeo logoIt looks like voice communications company Voxeo wants to expand its platform by buying up technology — the company says it has made eight acquisitions in the last two years. Tonight, it’s announcing the purchase of ClackUp, a web conferencing startup.

Voxeo offers what it calls “unlocked communications,” allowing businesses to use voice-over-Internet-protocol technology to automate customer and employee phone calls, text messages, and more. The Orland, Fla. company is now adding ClackPoint technology to its platform, with ClackPoint-enabled services appearing over the next year. ClackPoint’s virtual conference rooms allow users to communicate via voice, video, and text messages from telephones, VoIP devices, Skype phones, and the company’s own web application. ClackPoint also opened its technology so that you can access its conference rooms through widgets on other services, including Google Wave.

Web conferencing seems like a logical expansion area for Voxeo, and ClackPoint in particular sounds like a good fit since the two companies share a vision of providing as many access points to their communication tools as possible. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Voxeo raised $9 million from North Atlantic Capital and Florida Growth Fund last year.