The tranquil hamlet of New York City is primed to have things shaken up a bit when the Nanosuited soldiers arrive in Crysis 2.

Official PlayStation Magazine cover

A freshly snapped photograph of the upcoming March edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine features a lone nano-soldier striking a slick pose in front of a few iconic buildings from the NYC skyline.

With aliens marauding in the Big Apple and generally causing a mess, it’s up to the elite squad of supersoldiers to save the city’s beleaguered citizens from the encroaching threat — because it’s obvious that nothing like this has ever happened in NYC before, right?

According to the smaller tagline on the cover, the soldiers will benefit from some new tech goodies, most notably the tantalizing “2.0” version of the Nanosuit that enabled players to boost themselves with some pretty handy power-ups, such as faster speed and short-duration invisibility.