What goes up, must eventually come down and EA CEO John Riccitiello may need to find his parachute if 2010 isn’t any better. Layoffs within the industry has more to do with increasing profit margins for share holders as opposed to steeling themselves for a recessive market. EA’s failure to hit targets in 2009 may mean the chant of “tried and tested” as opposed to “innovate and create” will be on developers agendas in 2010.





And even when success is guaranteed, jobs aren’t.

Modern Warfare 2 has wowed the world with its amazing opening sales. Activision knew it would, the world knew it would but that still didn’t stop them from closing down Shaba games studios and halving the work force of 7 other developers in the month preceding Modern Warfare’s release in November.

Which brings me to the question. Do Activision and other big companies such as Sony and Microsoft really care about anything other than profit margins?