daniel brusilovskyIn Silicon Valley, even the teenagers are wheeling and dealing. Teens in Tech, the startup that helps teens publish online, has acquired microblogging startup Yazzem.

The average age of the founders involved in this deal is probably around, uh, half my own age. Redwood City, Calif.-based Teens in Tech was founded by Daniel Brusilovsky (pictured above), now 17. Yazzem, meanwhile, was founded last year by 14-year-olds Zachary Collins and Dustin Snider. The deal will expand the communication tools already offered by Teens in Tech, such as a free blog and media sharing — Brusilovsky, who also writes for TechCrunch, describes Yazzem as a “Twitter for topics,” where users can start conversations around any topic.

The company is also launching version 2 of its site today (screenshot below), which will allow Teens in Tech to start bringing in revenue. Besides being redesigned, the site now includes partner advertising, featured posts, and suggested users.

The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

teens in tech 2