justin tv pre live

Popular video streaming site Justin.tv says it has made some successful enhancements to its video creating and sharing capabilities. As of two weeks ago, only 2 percent of of users who clicked on the button to “broadcast” a video actually ended up creating one. The biggest complaint? The process was too complicated.

San Francisco-based Justin.tv announced today that it has successfully made it easier to create and share live video on the site by by simplifying the broadcasting user interface. Features that people weren’t using, such as audio configurations or camera switching, have been moved out of the main UI. The new broadcaster page now contains key features like chat, feedback, viewer count and mic levels all on one page.

The simplified UI has boosted the number of users who are not only clicking the “broadcast” button, but actually continuing on to create live video. In a two-week period, Justin.tv has seen a 700 percent increase to 17.5 percent in the number of users creating live video.

The company has also noted that it has enhanced the channels’ sharing capabilities. In the past it was difficult to figure out how to invite friends, but with the new enhancements the company says the average user is now inviting around 50 friends.

Back in April, the company decided to open its API to developers for free. It also announced integration with Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to leverage users status updates to share the live video experience.

The live video streaming landscape continues to be a competitive one, with major players UStream.com and LiveStream.com continually making advances with their own interfaces and mobile capabilities.