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Pixel Revolt — Episode 16

This episode, Jeff, Brett, and Derek welcome community guest Chris Whittington to the show. Topics discussed include supposedly great games that we don't care for, the usefulness of strategy guides compared to FAQs, meeting online friends in real life, and the potential of games to break out of the "cultural ghetto." Also, your answers about your least favorite game genres.


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Articles Discussed:

Mob Rules: Murdering Your Darlings – Andrew Hiscock

Walkthroughs and Wikis: The Many Faces of Strategy Guides – Brian Taylor

Save the Date: Online Relationships Fostered By Video Games – Davneet Minhas

Are Video Games Part of the Cultural Ghetto? – Davin Loh

Bitmob Community Meet-up: PAX East

Community question for next episode:

If you could present one game to a non-gamer in order to show them why gaming is worthwhile, what would it be and why?

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1) Record a sound clip on your computer, upload it to Houndbite.com, and then send us an email at PixelRevoltDL@gmail.com (Preferred)

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