ProfileWiz screenshot 3Figuring out the right part of your personality to emphasize on social networks can be a real pain. It’s even worse when you’re dealing with dating sites. (As a former member of OKCupid, I speak from personal experience.) But if the thought of completing a dating profile fills you with dread, or just leaves your mind blank, a new site called ProfileWiz can take care of that part for you.

The site was created by Imagini, a company that’s developed technology called VisualDNA to extrapolate emotions from images. To use ProfileWiz, you answer a series of 22 questions, which are all image-based: What would you do on your ideal Saturday night? What image best captures your idea of love? And so on. At the end of the process, Imagini uses its technology to generate a 500-word profile that you can post on any dating site. If some of it doesn’t seem quite right, you can edit the profile to your liking, but at least it gives you a place to start.

The service costs $4.75, but the first 1,000 users to go to here will get a profile for free.

So how good are ProfileWiz’s profiles? Well, here’s the first paragraph of the profile it generated for me. It’s accurate, I guess, but it’s also heavier on cliches than on specifics:

Here’s the bit I sell myself right? Well since I’m quite shy and quiet, this could be a disaster! So much to see, so little time! I try and cram in as much as I can, especially when I get the opportunity for travel. As for my take on life, I love doing things on the spur of the moment, just grabbing life by the horns!

London-based Imagini has raised $18.5 million in funding.