Yesterday I went on a spending spree on the PSN and pick up the following titles:

Puzzle Fighter remix Garbage! Shit is pixelated as fuck, the game sucks and all your getting for your money is some nice HD pictures of the character in the vs. screen.

Braid Wtf? Don’t even bother with this shit.Pixlejunk Racer Are you kidding me? From the same people who gave us Shooter? Buy Shooter, this is like those old monster truck arcade three player ones.

Pixlejunk Monsters SHIT!! You’ll be happy with Plants vs. Zombies, it’s on iphone now.

Critter Crunch Aahhhhh Critter Crunch…now this is a hidden gem. I’m sure you’re aware thatpuzzle games selland sell well. Everything from Layton to Tetris, this shit sells. Hell, I’ve even played a few games of Bejewled on facebook. Critter Crucnch is not only $3.49 right now on the PSN but your also getting a piece of art. Now this game was created in Toronto by Capybaraand yes I am also from Toronto but thats not the reason this game is a piece of art.The animation of these cute critters is not only easy on the eyes but the game play is both top notch and is highly entertaining. This is something special folks, showing this to a non-gamer will open their eyes to the art form of the gaming world. This is not a game, but a work of art. Great job boys!