For the last two years or so I’ve fallen into the deathtrap that is backlogs. Call me an ass for assuming, but I imagine a good percentage of hardcore gamers have had a backlog at least once in their gaming lifetime. I doubt anything as bad as mine but again I’m throwing out assumptions. I recently did a count of how many games I actually have instead of just randomly throwing out numbers every time the topic comes up. Never have I been more ashamed or terrified in my life after the numbers came in. Sadly it spans three generations of gaming (including the one we’re in right now) making it all the more difficult to keep track of. 

How did it get like this you ask? No responsibilities, working at your friendly neighborhood GameStop, and my attention span moving towards other games when I should focus on unfinished ones. For example, June 2008 rolls around and I’m currently knee deep in Odin Sphere trying to get through one of the five stories. Then comes June 12th and I immediately switch to Metal Gear Solid 4 instead of finishing Odin Sphere leaving it to collect dust(I still haven’t finished it nor picked it up since that happened.)

Working at GameStop merely gave me more reasons to stop playing whatever game I might have had on my mind and swap it out with something new. Employee discounts plus that extra 10% off with the Edge card made getting used games all the more sweeter and increasing the already large backlog. It wasn’t until I quit working there that I was finally able to stop buying so excessively and focus my funds where they needed to be. In a strange twist the economic downturn actually helped me in that department, removing the urge to buy any rare or new game I spotted at a game store.

For anyone with an excessive backlog I offer you a word of advice: stop buying games! Yes, I’m a hypocrite for saying this but honestly it’s helped me a lot more than its hurt. There will always be new games to play; however, they are also always going to be there. If you can resist the urge to buy something like Bioshock 2 and instead focus on an older game such as Lost Odyssey I promise you will feel better knowing you scratched one more game off that incredibly daunting list. On that note I’m going to attempt to finish a game I was supposed to have beaten eight years ago when I first got it: Dark Cloud.

Here’s the numbers for anyone that are interested:


PS2: 25

PS3: 3

XB360: 3