Aeris Dies

After Aeris Gainsborough ventured back into the Forgotten City, Cloud and company gave chase. The concerned group stumbled upon their starry-eyed healer praying at an altar. But before young Aeris could so much as smile, she found Sephiroth’s sword poking out of her chest.

It’s classic moment in gaming, and as Aeris’ limp body falls to the ground, you expect to take in a lugubrious divertimento. Instead of one of Nobuo Uematsu’s spellbinding melodies, you begin to hear…Ghostface Killah?

In the past decade, video games have found there way into every nook and cranny of popular culture. From Atari references in teen comedies to rock operas about Mega Man, gaming has managed to attach itself to every facet of modern folkways. It shouldn’t be surprising then that Busta Rhymes and Nas often rhyme about fond memories of Shadow Moses or Azeroth. 

You may have missed my article on Nerdcore hip hop, the genre of rap whose lyrics focus on geeky endeavors and occupations. But the Nerdcore genre isn’t the only place where rap and gaming meet. Mash-ups comprise a large part of the intersection between hip hop and video games — fans take classic songs and juxtapose them with equally iconic game themes.

Team Teamwork is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable mash-up groups in the medium. Building on the initial success of Ocarina of Rhyme, their first album, the group recently released Vinyl Fantasy 7. This pay-what-you-want album features the combined talents of Nobuo Uematsu, the composer of the Final Fantasy 4 soundtrack, and several famous hip hop artists, including Jay-Z, MF Doom, and Dr. Octagon. 

Curious? I bet you are. Click here to check out the album — and if you’re not a fan of hip hop, I have nothing to say to you.