I was born in the glorious year of 1983 in Mexico — where I still live. That year was host to a variety of important events such as the arcade release of Mario Bros, the theatrical release of Return of the Jedi and, more importantly, the operational start of Hooters, Inc.

Historical facts aside, the purpose of this post is to share some insight with you as to who am I as an individual and, more importantly, as a gamer – this is a gaming site after all, right? So, without further ado, I’ll jump right in.



Atari 2600I was lucky enough to be born into a family equipped with an Atari 2600, this means that, ever since I can remember, I’ve always had access to videogames. This Atari was kept at my grandparent’s place; I’m not sure if it belonged to one of my younger uncles or if my dad bought it for my older brother and decided to keep it there. Either way, it was there and, at least for me, came with a pre-built game library – sadly enough, this library included that god-awful E.T. game, which I’m pretty sure introduced a whole generation of gamers to a concept that would later be known as “rage-quitting.”

Playing Atari was pretty fun and all, but it wasn’t until I got to play Super Mario Bros for the first time, at one of my dad’s friends' place, that I truly fell for videogames. Soon after that happened, my brother and I wouldn’t stop hassling my parents until they bought us a NES.

After the NES, games became a permanent thing for me and I dreamt about one day making them. That was, however, until the end of the PS One era drew near. When I was 15, I started getting a lot into making music and playing in bands; this lead to my gradual loss of touch with the gaming world.

MeBy the time I graduated college – where I studied  Mechatronics and not Computer Science for some reason — I had missed out on the Dreamcast, PS2, Game Cube and Xbox – on the other hand, I had learned how to play drums and guitar and was already falling in love with photography.

I got back into gaming in mid-2007 when I started a friendship with two gaming co-workers, and by early 2008, I got an Xbox 360. I’ve been playing catch up ever since.

I still find videogames to be a fascinating medium, but nowadays I’m more drawn to the different art scenes and sub-cultural phenomena that surround them than the games themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I love making time to play videogames — I even finish some of them every now and then — but it’s not like back in middle-school or junior-high, when I would spend hours on end playing them.

This is where Bitmob came in. Being a site that focuses on generating content not only about games, but about gaming-culture in general – being founded by a bunch of awesome writers also helped – I was immediately drawn to it. And so here I am, writing along with the rest of you as we expand the idea of what videogames mean to us.

P.S. I’m not a big fan of online shooters – I really can’t keep up with the insane amount of competition – but if you want to throw down in the streets of San Vanelona and challenge me to a game of S.K.A.T.E. – or if you’ve read something I wrote and want to chat about it — look me up at:

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